The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Rahhal
  • “It was a very positive experience. Everyone in Dr. Rahhal's office was super.”
    – Billie W.
  • “Dr. Rahhal repaired my torn rotator cuff 18 months ago, and it is pretty amazing: I have complete mobility and no residual pain. The staff at Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma is always prompt and professional. In addition to Dr. Rahhal, I have had a discectomy (L4-L5) performed by Dr. Ahmadinia, and it has been a complete success, as well.”
    – Matt W.
  • “Dr. Rahhal was very informative and understood my concerns and provided me with my option.”
    – Patrick M.
  • “I appreciated the conservative approach to injury.”
    – Douglas R.
  • “I would recommend Dr. Rahhal and his staff to anybody! I was always fully informed and never any surprises! Believe it or not, when you schedule an appt. You get into the office and see your doctor at the appointed time! ”
    – John T.
  • “Excellent.”
    – Kenneth D.
  • “Dr. Rahhal explained everything clearly. He was accommodating and had a touch of humor about him. He didn't rush and scheduled the surgery. ”
    – Mary G.
  • “Treatment with physical therapy was Dr. Rahhals first treatment choice. Surgery to explore further was an option. PT worked, and I appreciate his conservative approach. ”
    – Mary M.
  • “Excellent experience all the way around! Reception to check-out, the staff was extremely kind and professional yet pleasant - which was an awesome thing to encounter. Dr. Rahhal did not disappoint; either, he didn't keep us waiting. Very professional yet friendly and approachable. He didn't mind my swearing at him when he examined my knees and gave us peace of mind, along with excellent medical advice. His PA came in to provide me with injections, and she was equally as impressive and personable. Overall a very refreshing experience with zero complaints. Keep that stuff up!”
    – Lorianne W.
  • “Dr. Rahhal is super professional and connected with my 16-year-old daughter. He fussed at her when needed and commended her when she deserved it. He is terrific, but his PA Sharon is the absolute best. Sharon is personable and got invested in my daughters' progress. She is caring and remarkable with young people. Love her! ”
    – Michelle T.
  • “Dr. Rahhal is a top-notch physician and surgeon. He is considerate of his patients and at the same time highly proficient in his specialty. When I have an orthopedic need, Dr. Rahhal will be my first contact.”
    – Michael S.
  • “Always able to see this physician. The staff stay on time and don't get behind throughout the day with appointments — Dr. Rahhal and his staff answer all questions and concerns.”
    – James H.
  • “Dr. Rahhal is friendly and professional. Can’t really help my elbow. ”
    – Emily H.
  • “Dr. Rahhal saw me immediately upon my need and managed my care exceptionally well. He knew about my activity level and the fact that I was wanting to be treated conservatively and proceeded in that way. I was fully recovered and back on the tennis courts much quicker than others that have had the same injury.”
    – Kimberly J.
  • “Great job with great results. Couldn’t be happier. ”
    – Bob S.